Our Water

Our premium water. Mountain Valley Spring, America’s choice since 1871, and two time winner of the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Award, is rich in minerals and delivered the old fashioned way – in glass! The Mountain Valley spring is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas and bottled at the source. Click here for more information.

Clear Mountain Spring Water

Our most popular water. Clear Mountain quenches your thirst purely and naturally. It tastes so good that many of our customers say it has no taste at all! The Clear Mountain spring is located in Hot Springs near the Mountain Valley Spring and is bottled at the same plant, by the same people, with the same care and quality. Click here for more information.

Diamond Natural Spring Water

Bottled by the experts at Mountain Valley. Diamond Spring has naturally fewer minerals with a clear, fresh taste. This spring originates just 9 miles from the famous Mountain Valley Spring. Click here for more information.

Natural Spring Water Cooler

Cooler Options

Mountain Spring Water Company offers a wide variety of water coolers from which to choose. Our coolers have a sleek, modern shape that fit all interiors. Tough, scratch-resistant cabinets keep coolers looking good through many years of use. The models offered include Hot and Cold; Room Temperature and Cold; and Cold only. Hot and Cold coolers are equipped with a child safety faucet and are available for all other cooler models.

No-Spill Safety System

All Mountain Spring Water Company water coolers come with "WaterGuards," a no-spill safety system that will eliminate spills during the loading of the cooler while ensuring your water remains free from contamination. The no-spill cap will slip on the cooler to assure splash-free handling. Similarly, the bottle cap and bottle neck never come in contact with the water reservoir.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. Our coolers are simply the best. We stake our reputation on them and guarantee your satisfaction.

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